10 Products To Avoid For A Healthy Diet

White Bread

For many people, bread is just that, bread. They don’t make a difference the color or amount of seeds. But white bread contains much less fiber and protein than whole wheat or darker bread. Fiber helps us regulate our digestive system better. Satiety is important if you are trying to control your daily calories. If sugar is consumed in excess, the body will be in imbalance with insulin and you may need hormones to control the imbalance.

Fruit juice

Even if the label on the container states that it contains 100% fruit juice, juices are not as beneficial to our health as we have been taught. After squeezing the fruit, most food and beverage producers store the fruit juice in oxygen tanks, so that when it is time to package it for sale, it tastes fresh. Because of this process, the juice loses its properties, including a certain percentage of the flavor, so manufacturers have to counteract and add flavorings to bring back the taste of the freshly picked fruit. What a revelation! Did you know that? Click here to read the next page and find out what other foods you should no longer be eating.


I’m a fan of any kind of fish, whether it’s tuna, salmon, herring or cod. If I could, I would eat fish every day, but from now on, I will keep my distance from tuna, especially canned. Why? Because it’s bad for your health. 50 years ago, eating tuna was no harm at all, but since then, our oceans have been so polluted that eating tuna is something you should do once in a while. The problem with tuna is that it absorbs large amounts of mercury, and when consumed, it goes straight to our kidneys, brain and other soft tissues. If significant amounts of mercury are consumed over an extended period of time, there is even more risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis, iron deficiency or even lung and skin cancer.

Pure honey

This type of honey does not undergo pasteurization processes, so it may contain certain dangerous substances. One of the substances that are usually found in pure honey is grayanotoxane, which can cause dizziness, feeling weak or nauseous for about 24 hours. Excessive sweating can also be expected. Personally, I don’t think it’s a very pleasant thing to do. What do you think ?

Energy Drinks

We have all gone through situations in which we are extremely tired but we know that we have to continue to finish the work we have been assigned, and then in the evening, we have already planned an outing. Then what better than to take an energy drink that will restore our energy. Energy drinks are indeed useful, but it is important to know the risks they present. Normally energy drinks contain certain energy-generating ingredients, such as caffeine, taurine, guarana and vitamin B. If these ingredients are combined in large quantities, they can be very dangerous. If these ingredients are combined in large quantities, the effects they can have on your body are similar to the effects of alcohol or drugs.

Processed Meat

What do we mean by processed meat? For example, hot dogs, bacon, sausages, corned beef and all meat that has been smoked, salted, canned or dried. Processed meat can have a negative effect on our cardiac system, leading to high blood pressure and other health problems. To process meat, high temperatures must be used, which modify the properties of the meat and create nitrosamines. These substances cause cancer.

Breakfast cereals

When shopping, it is impossible not to pass by this product. And when you decide to buy one, you’re in a tricky situation because of the wide variety that’s available. But that’s a good thing, because cereals are not healthy at all. This product usually contains large amounts of genetically modified ingredients that can affect our immune system. next time, try to buy organic cereals and reduced in sugars and sweeteners.