15 Fuel Economy Hacks That Can Save You Money at the Pump

When the pandemic was at its height, most people were working from home. However, the fuel economy was not a priority when the Colonial Pipeline, a major artery that supplies 45% of East Coast fuel, was attacked by hackers. People working remotely began to flock to gas stations to get fuel in the Southeast. Some even got into fights. Fuel prices rose across the country due to a shortage of regional supplies, prompting America’s renewed interest in fuel economy.

You’re likely looking for ways to increase your car’s fuel efficiency in the face of rising gas prices. Hypermiling, a driving strategy that emphasizes fuel economy, is one way to achieve this. These techniques are a passion for many who use them regularly.

We will be sharing with you in this article the best 17 Fuel Economy Hacks that will help you reduce your fuel consumption.
Although you may not want to become a hypermiler, there are ways to improve your car and commute. Even if there’s no fuel shortage, it is worth aiming for the best gas mileage like the one used for Acura MDX type S fuel economy, the owner of this car is sharing great reviews after using this type of fuel for their cars as well as the ones that are using eco tune obd2 economy fuel savers.


Keep Up On Maintenance and Repairs

You must first make sure your car is in top shape before returning to work to maximize your fuel economy. It can be hard to keep up with routine maintenance and repairs, especially when you are distracted by COVID-related issues, such as vaccinations or the reality (good or bad) that it is time to return to work.

To maximize your fuel economy, you must first make sure your car is in top shape before going back to work. Gas mileage can be affected by many things, including dragging brakes and dirty air filters. When your vehicle needs maintenance, refer to the manufacturer’s service plan. This can be found in your owner’s guide or supplemental service book. You should also immediately fix any issues you see while driving.


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