3 Ways Samsung Is Future-Proofing Its Business

Companies can learn a thing or two from Samsung when designing their latest high-end devices.

Speaking at CES last week in a huge ballroom with every other chair empty for social distancing (thanks, Omicron), Samsung CEO Jong-Hee Han delivered a keynote addressing new products and talking about the company’s vision for the future.

Here are three ways the maker of everything from phones to smart refrigerators, Han said, ensures its technology keeps customers happy for years to come.

1. Prioritize easy-to-use technology.

One of Samsung’s guiding principles, Han said, is that even the most high-tech devices should be intuitive to the user. Han has unveiled a new easy-to-use portable projector, the Freestyle, which – unlike many of its competitors – can mirror a phone’s screen with a single tap. “We want to find a way to redefine your relationship with the technologies you use every day,” Han said.

The CEO also noted that Samsung is focused on making sure that its products are highly customizable by the user, whether it’s Galaxy watches with changing faces or smart refrigerators that come in a variety of colors. During the keynote, the company introduced a new flat-screen TV that can be curved to fit the customer’s viewpoint, as well as a smart washing machine that uses artificial intelligence to customize wash cycles according to user preferences. “We are always working toward a future where technology will work seamlessly with you at the center,” Han said.

2. Manufacturing with sustainability in mind.

Samsung has continued to lead other companies around the world with a leaning towards sustainability in recent years. In 2021, Han said, the company made changes to its manufacturing processes that reduced the carbon footprint of products like device displays and semiconductors. It has also reduced the amount of packaging it uses for many products and has begun incorporating more recycled materials. In the process, the company was able to reduce carbon emissions by 700,000 tons. For a company as big as Samsung, which sells hundreds of millions of products annually, Han said “even the smallest changes can make a big difference.”

Changes will continue. Han said that as of this year, Samsung TVs will use 30 times more recycled plastic than last year. And by 2025, every mobile device the company makes will be made at least in part from recycled materials.

3. Making energy-saving devices.

Han announced that the company is expanding its SmartThings Energy service, which allows users to monitor their energy use on smart devices from air purifiers to dishwashers. The system incorporates artificial intelligence to make recommendations on how users can reduce their energy use – a win-win for their wallets and the environment. From now on, the service will include all new Samsung TVs, monitors and refrigerators.

Han also revealed that Samsung TV remote controls will now operate with radio waves from products such as WiFi routers, eliminating the need for batteries. By 2025, the company’s TVs and phone chargers will be operating at near zero standby, so they will use almost no power when idle. “Millions of daily changes can have a measurable impact on our planet,” Han said.

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