£45m Lottery jackpot up for grabs TONIGHT after Lotto Thunderball numbers

‘I won £30,000 and a brand new BMW on a Christmas scratch card’

Gran GRATEFUL started the new year in the best way possible, winning £30,000 and a brand new BMW on a scratch card.

Hanna Valarie Dewar, of Tyne, in the Scottish Highlands, won a big prize in the National Car and Cash Lottery scratch card, after nearly knocking out the winning ticket.

Ms “Val” Dewar said she decided to deal with the scratch card after a trip to the dentist, on December 22, and was left in disbelief after realizing she had won.

The Daily Record, 79, reported that she nearly ditched the winning ticket before realizing she had won the cash jackpot and a brand-new BMW X2.

She said, “I was at the dentist that day and decided to buy myself some scratch cards to cheer myself up. I remember that because I was talking to the lady behind the desk in Morrisons who was funnyly named Val.”

“The store was very busy a few days before Christmas so I decided to wait until I got home to scratch them.

“I live on a farm with a big open fire and usually when I scratch cards, if I don’t win anything I just throw it into the fire.

“Strangely enough, on that day the fire wasn’t burning and boy am I happy with that!”

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