5 Critical Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Write Your Book Now

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A lot of the entrepreneurs and experts I talk to would really like to write a book, but then fall victim to what I call the “one day” syndrome.

But with the rapid change in social media algorithms, more people everywhere going online and wallets tightening in many circles than ever before, it is critical for those who want to write their books to get it done.

Let’s discuss five reasons why you should take your ideas about writing a book off the back burner.

1. It really sets you apart as an expert in your specialty; You accomplished something most people never accomplished.

Multiple internet sources estimate that only about 5% of people who want to write a book actually complete the first draft. When you think about the number of first drafts that have already become published and polished books, the numbers get smaller.

Few things scream like an expert book. You have proven that you know what you are talking about; You are not just another voice in the crowd making promises that he may or may not keep. People are getting increasingly suspicious of people selling their products or services on social media.

A person who dedicates time, energy, and sometimes financial resources to publishing a book is not looking to make a quick buck. They did not wake up yesterday and decided to sell something. This type of author, or “author” if you will, has years or even decades of education and experience.

Because while you can fake the experience on social media or even during a short personal speech, it is very difficult to do so in a book.

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2. You can generate more than $30,000 in revenue through customers who go into the sales process through your book.

I delve into this in some of my other articles on Entrepreneur.com and on my social media, but almost any entrepreneur, coach, lawyer, psychologist, etc. can make money from the “back end” by selling their services to their readers. This should definitely be your focus while writing and publishing your book, but it is definitely an art and a science. You don’t want to appear like another internet marketer by making wild promises in your book.

3. You can make passive income by selling books.

While I constantly warn of the dangers of having unrealistic expectations about book sales, focus on fake author programs bestselling on Amazon and the like – you can make passive income through book sales.

Books I published years ago that I don’t discuss anymore (or never, in the case of pseudonyms) still fetch unexpected royalties. It’s always good to wake up to unexpected money.

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4. Writing and publishing a book significantly increases the number of people who benefit from your expertise.

This reason probably applies more to experts like coaches, consultants, lawyers, psychologists, and the like – but even people with a large following on social media and group courses and programs are somewhat limited in terms of the number of people they can help.

Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people will buy your book. Of course, not everyone buys any book they read. (I’m guilty of this myself.)

However, those who read it will benefit from your experiences – even if they don’t reach out to work with you further.

5. The book is a valuable tool for conducting informational interviews.

I’ve been a reporter for 17 years and have used this experience to help many people give media interviews and treat them like the experts they are.

When you have a book, especially a new one, it increases the media’s sense of urgency to interview you. This applies not only to newspapers, but also to magazines, television, radio, and podcasts.

I always encourage my clients to think deeper than their current community or network. For example, one client lived in Florida but had deep ties to Kentucky. Our media campaign, after I guided him in writing and publishing his successful book, included media from both countries as well as national media.

Also, other types of media do not have to be directly related to your book or work.

are you Christian? “The 700 Club” interviewed authors I worked with.

Are you an atheist? Probably American atheists It is the right platform for you.

Don’t believe in any religion at all or don’t want to go there with your business? OK; I feel the last feelings myself.

you found the idea; Think of any potential links and get this book abroad.

Because if you don’t talk about the book you wrote once it’s out in the world, it will be hard to get clients and other opportunities out of it.

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Next steps

So, are you ready to stop procrastinating and get your book done? Today is a good day to start.

Write, or speak out loud, any story you want that relates to your experience. Don’t stop yourself and don’t worry about editing. Just start somewhere.


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