A Kentucky tornado killed at least 50 in a US state governor

At least 50 people have died in Kentucky as a result of the tornado, Governor Andrew Bashir said on Saturday (December 11). “I’m afraid there are more than 50 dead in Kentucky (…)We’re probably close to 70 to 100 dead, it’s horrific.”He said at a press conference.

“West Kentucky last night suffered some of the worst tornado damage we’ve ever seen, and we urge everyone to stay safe.”, again recalled the governor who announced After declaring a state of emergency.

The storm claimed lives and damaged several states in the southeastern and south-central United States on Friday.

On Saturday, in Illinois, Amazon employees were trapped in a warehouse that had been destroyed by a storm the day before. Referred to Collinsville Emergency Management Agency ‘A lot of people are trapped in the Amazon warehouse’ In Edwardsville, where local media reported that about 100 people were still inside.

Emergency services worked until the early hours of Saturday morning in an effort to clear the installation, a third of which is nothing more than rubble, those people who worked nights to process orders before the Christmas holidays. No assessment of potential victims was provided.

Pictures from the warehouse, published by US news channels and social media, show much of the facility’s roof torn off, one of the walls in the building collapsed and rubble scattered all over the site.

Three dead in Arkansas and Tennessee

Illinois Governor Jay Robert Pritzker said he was addressing him “A Prayer to the People of Edwardsville” Noting that the Illinois Police and the Emergency Management Agency were coordinating ‘close up their actions with local officials’.

In a statement to local media, Richard Rocha, an Amazon spokesperson, claimed that “Security and luxury” of Amazon employees and partners are “Top priority” Collection. We are evaluating the situation and will share additional information as soon as it becomes available., he added.

According to media reports, one person was killed in Arkansas and twenty were trapped in a nursing home. But rescuers managed to evacuate the trapped people from the building that was its structure “Practically destroyed”Craighead County Sheriff, Marvin Day, told local news stations.

In Tennessee, at least two people have died in storm-related incidents, local media reported, citing an emergency management official.

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