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Now that the man is in space, it’s time (apparently) to send in voice assistants. And the first to take such a giant step? Amazon’s Alexa will be part of Artemis I, a series of upcoming 2022 NASA missions that will land the first people of color and the first woman on the moon.

More specifically, Alexa will join a technology demonstration payload – called Callisto – and will be integrated directly into NASA’s Orion spacecraft. There, it will allow astronauts to have artificial intelligence on board so they can access information, get help with missions, and enjoy some companionship similar to how we interact with voice assistants at home.

Amazon’s press release states, “Although the first mission is unmanned, Artemis I is an important step that will allow NASA and others in the industry to test technology that can be used on subsequent manned missions to the Moon and other destinations in deep space. Alexa is one of many of new and innovative technologies that will be tested as part of Artemis I, and the integration will help participants explore how ambient intelligence can help astronauts on future missions.”

It also says that, on board the ship, “Alexa will be able to access real-time telemetry data and respond to thousands of mission-specific questions aboard Orion, including questions like ‘Alexa, how fast is Orion traveling? or “Alexa, what’s the temperature in the cabin?” Alexa will also process requests to control devices connected on the spacecraft, starting with the lighting inside the cabin.”

And of course, Alexa will still have access to more Earth-related events, allowing future astronauts to stay connected during their missions. Adding a voice assistant to a space shuttle seems like an obvious option (just look at all the sci-fi media available with similar technology, like Star Trek, for example), but it’s also smart. It would potentially make it easier for astronauts to obtain information or assistance efficiently, and make flights less isolated.

If you own an Alexa-enabled device, you can get a task preview and set up reminders for upcoming task milestones right now. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, take me to the moon.”

Source: Amazon via Nerdist

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