Am i getting 15% returns (before-taxes) on this bond? – #7 by neha1101 – Bonds – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

This is a good point.

suppose that “During a market downturn, people sell their bonds to invest in stocks.” It is based on the fact that the LTP of many liquid AAA bonds (with large daily volume) has fallen as NIFTY has fallen in the past several years.

But, I probably see patterns where there is none.
Perhaps, other factors play a role that could explain this association… : thinking:

Thank you for this insight. : clap:

By calls, if you mean this is a file callable bond, this bond Not.
As long as the issuer does not go bankrupt, I believe that the original capital will be redeemed at maturity – which will make me a small capital gain. :I wished:

By the end of this month (when the current IPO is complete),
If you start contacting me by the issuer to invest in the current IPO,
Then I better sell the older chain bonds I own soon,
As it is unlikely that the issuer will repay the principal of these bonds, which have a maturity of 6 months.

BTW, given the ongoing (or recently entered into) bond IPO (eg DHANILOANS 2022),
Anyone here knows how to find out how good a subscription is?

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