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Day 5073

Sitting, Mumbai January 7, 2022 Fri 10:33 PM

Tomorrow .. the eighth of January .. the birthday of Eve Iman Abdel-Sat, Ahmed Mohamed from Egypt..
Love..prayer..have a fruitful day and wishes every partner is with you..always..❤️❤️

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in Russia 🌟😇🌲💫🎉🙏, on January 7, 2022.. Wishing them peace and love 🙏

Never before has the reliance on prayer been in today’s times as it is now.. the challenges of nature as they unfold before us every day, bringing us closer to the unknown force that guides and triumphs, whose power is upon us all..and with our folded hands and hands we ask for the blessings of God Almighty in deliverance Protection and safety.. for all.. 🙏

So the laziness of time and its limitations beseeches us, in the dignity of its presence.. it is imposed on some, and its massive and weak rush, and neglect on others..

.. and some threaten to stand in defiance of Al-Sadr to import his attack.. and others stand stunned by the intensity of his strength and bear..

..Most of the work front has been adjusted, I think wisely.. Postponement is important.. Cancellation for the better is heavy on set timelines, but must be carefully considered..

.. is not subject to circumstance .. he gives her the merit of the decision .. and the majority accepted it ..

Most of mine, in keeping with the acceptance of her pregnancy.

… a biased thought… a biased comment…

An unfair tendency to believe that some people, some ideas, are better than others. showing an unreasonable admiration or dislike for someone based on personal opinions..a biased person who favors one side..a team..over the other..
Preference for one group of people over another.. Unfair behaviour.. When fairness is the contracted moral system that is beyond doubt.. a case that requires a comment on the actions as you see it..not a case where there is uniformity of expression, you are expected to deliberately take and inform someone..

gross ..

.. But 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .. Poetic justice, and perhaps God Almighty will prevail over that forever.. He prefers to be biased.. and loses!!

The speed and cunning of the fastest cat in the animal kingdom shines in the city of the specified color.. WINS!!

And victory is handsome.. It is always when the wind is against you.


🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🚩🚩🚩🌹🌹🌹.. in the majesty of its truth..!!

The windmill turns its revolving doors in a prevailing wind.. The loss of near and dear, known and unknown, admired and revered, disturbs..

.. which is the best that can be expressed in such a .. and we express sympathy and supplication .. 🙏❤️

Babuji’s words and deeds. What should I do and what should I do with your sympathy? Ring the bells.. the bells of chapels, churches and temples of prayer to overcome regret, remorse and sadness over everything…

.. it is no wonder, how the pain of nature, does not succumb temporarily, though, to the fluctuations of the elements which nature produces .. its division is quite amazing .. but also wonderful .. it removes poison poison .. the “The repair leaf grows next to the stinging nettle.” .. referring to one of the poets writing .. is not it ..

.. This is the adhesive tape that leaves a stain on the thing used on it, and it is removed by the adhesive tape itself .. No amount of manufactured diluents can be used .. Is it ..

The solution to the problem lies, isn’t it, sometimes in the problem itself?


Oh dear and damn.. the philosophical supervisor for this blogisphere, Tonight, is a dull, repetitive and anemic period, to a fun celebration of the early bird 🤯😳😳😳 .. loved..or lover if you ours..


Amitabh Bachchan

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