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day 5080

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 14/15, 2022 Fri/Saturday 1:32 am

.. Diversity of India .. One India but festivals with different names .. Same greetings for happiness, peace and celebration .. Oneness ..

Do not wander in the wilderness of thought.. the thought thinks, but it rarely expresses reality.. they remain inside.. and if they are expressed, does this justify the reality..

Thoughts invade this page every day, with the expression of holding hands with hearts of love and tenderness, with one gesture with emotion.. ❤️ ..

Some understand.. and some believe that they have understood.. and some confirm their understanding.. and some imagine their understanding..

And some..some a little..and some very few..

I have absolutely no idea..

This group, selected in its unbridled desire and belief, carries itself in opposition to expression and purposeful understanding, and stands upright in the belief that is hidden in health, which has corrupted it..

It is happening ..

happens a lot..

When connection is a defining force, it is overflowing with passion designed to never be lost and forgotten..

Biased statements continue unabated… destroying all protocol rules and barriers…

So accept happily.. in their generosity..

We love talking.. brave brave brave bold, fearless, free from weakness.. hitherto repressed in an inferiority complex.. not anymore.. this is GenX, Y, Z or whatever it is called..

We love you..❤️❤️❤️

look back angrily Osborne ish the lower middle class with the eminent upper .. the struggle of those who have the most and therefore embellished in the fore in all areas, against them who do not, but are in the main range..

Be safe from the prayers that come every day from here with those who need deliverance from disease..🙏🙏🙏


Amitabh Bachchan

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