An Entrepreneur’s Book Guide for 2022

Finding a good book is one of the most time consuming (but rewarding) activities. In the interest of saving time and contributing to your growth, I’ve reduced 45 readings from 2021 to your 14 best suggestions for 2022.

My choices include personal development and work. why? Because you are a complete person, and you cannot be easily divided into different categories. Your personal well-being deeply influences your leadership and the growth of your company.

Here are my top picks, in no particular order:

This book builds on the premise that the average life span is about 4,000 weeks. Using this as a framework helps you to be strict when choosing how to spend it. It overturns a lot of common conversations about time management, productivity, and “hacks” and tips.

This is a great read for a) those who are expanding a company and growing their team and offering, or b) those who coach or consult such companies. It is packed with well-researched, thoughtful, and applicable advice.

Oprah called Will Smith’s memoir “the best I’ve ever read,” and she got it. I loved him too. So much so that after 500 pages, I still want more. Candor, powerful storytelling, and outstanding life lessons, all wrapped into one. In addition, Smith is an accomplished entrepreneur and you will learn a lot that applies to your business.

At some level, anything you wish to do (or stop doing) boils down to your habits. When you don’t clearly understand the contributing factors to making (and keeping) or breaking (and really stopping) the habits that move you toward or away from what you ultimately want, you’ll be stuck.

Burnt by Emily Nagoski

A feminist lens and a scientifically backed approach to understanding and unlocking the cycle of stress. I truly believe that every human in modern society would benefit from reading this and implementing at least one piece of advice in their life. It is written in a unique way that does not make you feel pedantic or cliché. If you’re ready to steer clear of toxic burnouts, read this.

If you have a hard time dealing with your brand messaging, read this book. Reading it is like taking a course, because it is broken down into simple steps. Additionally, it is paired with a digital platform to compile your messaging framework, which you can implement for all of your marketing materials.

This book cannot be timely: an evidence-based approach to the benefits of rethinking our beliefs and error. It offers lessons like how to disagree and persuade effectively, as well as how to make time to think again about our lives, our families, and our businesses.

The title says it all, and who among us doesn’t have at least one annoying goal to reach that seems out of reach? Author and professor Katie Milkman beautifully blends scientific evidence and anecdotes to help you overcome obstacles such as favoring short-term gains over the long-term, forgetting, and procrastinating to see lasting change.

This will motivate and challenge you: it is for your own good and for your growth. I am immediately drawn to the way Dr. Shefali goes there and goes deeper. Step by step, it removes much of our conditioning to help us awaken our true selves.

This is a short but deeply meaningful handbook about life. But don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you. These are the lessons we learn and grow over and over again every day, and only few, if any, do we truly master.

A must read for non-black Americans, in particular. Author Austin Channing Brown offers profound insights into how racial egalitarian “intents” fall short in our institutions and societies and shares her lived experiences in a society built for whiteness. No matter where you are on your anti-racism journey, this book should be a part of it.

In simple writing style, you will go behind the scenes to sit in the therapist’s chair and see what it will look like when the therapist receives therapy. As a coach, I am often asked about the line between therapy and training, and this is a really special point for discovering that distinction deeper. I’m also a big fan of adding tools to your tool belt as a leader, whether it’s to cultivate one’s empathy and self-knowledge, or to have different dimensions to bring into your client’s work. This book hits it all.

If you like force now by Eckhart TolleAnd This is a great follow up. It approaches the idea of ​​waking up to one’s goal in a way that is different from others. If you are looking to better understand the relationship between ego and reality, want to connect with your purpose, or want more reminders of how to be and exist with a greater presence, check this out.

A great read to understand why you chose, and why your customers, team, and family do too. Consider it a guide to better understanding your irrational (expected) self, and everyone else around you, too.

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