Andre Ayo Corker puts Ghana 1-0 ahead against Gabon in a knockout battle

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A superb 25-yard strike put former Marseille striker Andre Ayew up Ghana 1-0 against Gabon in the 18th minute as the two teams battle for a chance in the playoffs. Follow the France 24 live blog below.

Ghana has one of the best records in African national football. They have won the African Cup of Nations four times and the second five times – most recently in 2015. They also went to the World Cup quarter-finals in 2010, and were denied a place in the semi-finals thanks to Luis Suarez. Late handball in overtime (or “save the championship”, as the Uruguayan striker put it).

But Gabon is an up-and-coming prospect in the African game, as it showed its streaks with a confident opening win over Comoros. If they win tonight, they’ll advance directly to the playoffs – but Ghana are fighting a massive battle.

Read the FRANCE 24 live blog below to see the evolution of the game:


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