Are Women better investors? – #12 by ksksat – Good reads – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

In my opinion, the most common myth that the world has made every one of us believe in making movies like Clueless and Pretty Woman is that women would rather spend their money on a shopping trip than do something sober. These are stereotypes. Of course, some don’t like to shop that much (he doesn’t say it’s a mistake).

But the world is changing, and there are more vivid examples of how women can take control of the financial world by making better financial decisions than simply leaving money in a fixed deposit.

According to research from Fidelity, women generally like to take fewer risks, which has made them better at risk avoidance, research before investing and self-control. These skills combined make them better long-term investors/traders.

When the income got to the point where I had to file taxes a couple of years ago, I had a hard time filing taxes and didn’t understand a word, so I sat down and did some research, and was finally able to do it with nothing. help. And this is how we can all empower more women to be self-reliant, and educate them more about finance.

Also, by addressing another stereotype, women are emotional when making many decisions; That’s right, because we’re more hormonal than dumb. But the research says that women are more willing to stay calmer than men in lower markets.

Finally, I would like to suggest, everyone should use “investment like a woman” systems, which is comprehensive research, does not give any extra importance to the money you invest and think of it as just another means of income which will eventually help you to control your trading emotions which in turn will make you an investor/ Better trader. We have a complete module in trading psychology on varsity. Everyone should read one of these articles daily.

One feature I learned from the research is setting the rules that decide when and why I will invest (I mainly invest). Setting these rules early ensures that I am deliberately scrolling the market rather than reacting to recent fluctuations in financial news. We can all build strategies like these, and hopefully, more women will participate in the markets in the coming years and we will see more ideal female investors and traders.

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