Aussie government revokes Novak Djokovic’s visa again

The Novak Djokovic saga continues.
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Djokovic No-Fax is having a hell of a time trying to play at the Australian Open, one of the four Grand Slams he has won nine times, because this pandemic turns out to be serious business. His visa was canceled for the second time and he faces deportation because he was not vaccinated, According to ESPN. He is expected to appeal, but the timing of Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s revocation of visa has set Djokovic up against not only the courts but also the clock.

He is due to play the first (Mon) day of the tournament but will be replaced if he doesn’t get all his cards in the courts and have the ruling overturned before play begins, which Melbourne immigration attorney Kian Bohn told ESPN was a “very difficult” task. I won’t pretend to be an immigration expert or know anything about the Australian legal system, but I also won’t pretend I want any of this work for Djokovic.

Throwing a legal tantrum is almost as annoying as refusing to be stabbed. The rest of the field complies with the protocols, so it’s time to give up. Go home if you can’t act like a big boy. Naomi Osaka showed more agility and balance than she needed when she walked away to not attend two press conferences, and – like us Sam Phils pointed out – He’s still roasting for him. Leave your head down, accept your destiny, and stop acting like tennis owes you something. This is not a wild point that you have to win. Australians only smoked one. Let her go.

Here’s Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison endorsing Hawke’s decision:

This pandemic has been very difficult for every Australian, but we have stuck together and saved lives and livelihoods. …Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they rightly expect the result of those sacrifices to be protected. That’s what the minister is doing in taking that action today.”

Instead of going back to normal life, it’s people like Djokovic who are stopping everyone. He has already hijacked the championship with this nonsense, and now, according to his lawyer, he appears to believe that the Minister of Immigration has rescinded his visa not for safety reasons but because it could become a symbol of the rallying around anti-vaccination.

“The minister is only considering the possibility of stoking anti-extremism sentiment if (Djokovic) is present,” said attorney Nick Wood.

The thing is, there’s probably some kind of both, but the damn science dictates that if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re a health risk. How many pandemic public service announcements, real doctors, hospitalizations, lockdowns, case increases, and deaths will it take these idiots to realize this? There are an alarming number of anti-Satanic “symbols” of Satanism already, and believe me, Djokovic is one of them.

If you have not been vaccinated, you agree to wear masks when you are supposed to, stay away from places you cannot go, and refrain from doing things you are not allowed to do. This is not that difficult. If you can read, you can find out. The discovery of COVID-19 in December is more reason not to let you into the country than medical exemption, which is exactly what Djokovic is paying. Natural immunization does not exist. It’s a myth that people who haven’t been vaccinated but who have had the COVID virus try to use it to justify doing what they want.

The vaccination rate among adults in Victoria, where the Open is being held, is more than 90 per cent, but officials reported 35,000 new cases on Friday, and locals appear to be very angry that a tennis star is entitled to circumvent the rules when he is forbidden to see Dying family members or new grandchildren, having a big wedding, etc. There is also that David Crowe of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote Excellent piece about it. It’s always good to see that we’re not the only country killing the bed.)

The main objective of all this is if Djokovic does not win the appeal, He will be banned from obtaining a visa for the next three yearsin accordance with Australian laws. While that can be compromised, and you’d imagine that if the shit went back to normal, it would still be funny if his quest to become the most decorated men’s tennis player ever came to a halt because he couldn’t play in his own country. Favorite Grand Slam of the past few years he can still win.

He’s tied with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at 20 pieces, and it looks like he’ll have to wait until at least the French Open, a tournament he won only twice on his 35th birthday, for another chance to break the deadlock. Federer was 36 when he won his last major tournament, the 2018 Australian Open, and Nadal was 34 during his last Grand Slam victory, the 2020 French Open. All three are still playing, but what they do in ages is considered advanced. For tennis players it is unprecedented, and there is no telling how many healthy chances Djokovic will have to achieve in 21st place.

I think defending… um… anti-medicine (?) is more important than the chance to win the 10th Australian Open to expand a record and the 21st Grand Slam that broke the record. There are plenty of commendable reasons to sacrifice for it, but this is not one.


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