Australian Open thrown into chaos as Novak Djokovic faces Sunday court hearing after government cancels visa again

The Novak Djokovic deportation disaster caused chaos at the Australian Open on Friday after the visa he was using to re-enter Australia was revoked just three days before the tournament.

The world number one was facing another courtroom confrontation with the Australian government on the eve of his first match in the first Grand Slam of the year following the decision by the country’s immigration minister on Friday.

Referee Alex Hawke also saw Djokovic face another night in a detention facility prior to the hearing, leaving his plans to prepare for what he hoped would be a record 21St The main title is in tatters.

But it also threw tournament plans into disarray, as organizers confirmed his first-round match would take place on opening day.

Sunday’s hearing – at 9:30 a.m. in Melbourne (10:30 p.m. Saturday in the UK) – seemed to at least settle the matter once and for all, with apparently no further room for further pleas to secure Djokovic’s release. The time to start defending Djokovic. Crown.

But the fallout from the case was sure to overshadow the tournament completely, as Djokovic’s entry to Australia without a coronavirus vaccination split the public and the sport.

Sir Andy Murray, an old friend and rival of Djokovic, said the Serbs had had to come to terms with the “consequences” of rejecting the appeal.

“In the end, people have to make their own decisions,” said the two-time Wimbledon champion. “But there are also sometimes consequences to these decisions as well.”

The Scot, who announced that he had received a booster before traveling to Australia himself, added: “The lady who gave me a third stroke, works in the hospital in central London, and she told me that everyone is in the intensive care unit. [intensive care unit] And on respirators, all people are not immune.

“I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak while he’s down. Obviously a lot of people criticized the government here as well. It wasn’t good.”


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