Body of Virginia Man Who Abandoned Vehicle in Snowstorm Is Found

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that the body of a man who tried to walk home has been found after his car broke down during a snowstorm this week.

The man, Jacob Wally, 34, told his family Monday that he would try to get home in Louisa County after his car broke down in neighboring Hanover County during a snowstorm, stranding hundreds of drivers on Virginia’s Interstate 95.

The last time Mr. Wally texted his family at 8:45 p.m., according to WRIC-TV, he told his mother he had lost him. His family told the sheriff’s office that they believed Mr. Wally might have been near Green Corner Road.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that it “immediately responded to the family’s request to examine both the roadside area along Green Corner Road, the roads in between, and his residence,” but the search proved fruitless.

credit…family photo

On Thursday, a search team made up of volunteers and members of the sheriff’s office found Mr. Wally’s body in a “very dense pine plantation” 200 yards from Green Corner Road.

“This was a densely wooded area off the road and the search team had trouble getting through,” Major Ronnie Roberts, the first deputy of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, said in an email Saturday. “Our county had 100 percent power outages and roads were impassable.”

Speaking to WRIC, Mr. Walley’s family members expressed their frustration with the sheriff’s office, saying they believed he should have done more to find Mr. Wally.

“I am so angry at this boycott,” said Shannon’s mother, Mr. Walley’s mother. “All they had to do was go out and scream for him.”

“Louissa County left him freezing to death,” said Angela Whaley, sister of Mr. Whaley.

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