Charles REFUSES to answer questions on Prince Andrew case as Her Majesty CUTS Duke ties

Prince Andrew ‘had fun reminding less important civilians of his royal position’

Stripping him of the titular style of “His Royal Highness” would be a private wound to Prince Andrew, who liked regularly reminding “lower-ranking civilians” of his royal position, according to diplomats who worked with the prince.

A former British diplomat who accompanied Andrew on what were supposed to be visits to boost trade to the Middle East described him as a “wretched independent factor” who did more harm than good when he was supposed to represent the UK.

Simon Wilson, the former deputy head of the British mission in Bahrain, revealed that officials called Andrew “HBH”, or “His Highness Buffon”, because he would do the opposite of what was agreed upon before the staff visit.

“Colleagues attributed this behavior to the prince, who has an inferiority complex about being mentally retarded,” said Mr. Wilson.

Sir Ivor Roberts, the former ambassador to Rome, also described how Andrew “rubbed people the wrong way”, leaving his diplomatic team to clean up the mess he had made.

Sir Ivor added: “When one of the chiefs of the major fashion house introduced himself to Andrew, he rudely replied: ‘I’ve never heard of you before.'”

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