David Walliams accuses Ronan Keating of ‘not doing research’ in awkward TV moment

Children’s author and television personality David Williams appeared on The One Show promoting his new movie Sky Hansel and Gretel: After Ever After.

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Single Show: David Williams discusses upcoming film

David Wallams appeared on The One Show where he accused Ronan Keating of not researching what they were talking about in an embarrassing television moment.

The children’s author appeared on the show to discuss his new movie Sky Hansel and Gretel: After Ever After, but Ronan apparently forgot the name.

Fortunately, the Boyzone singer didn’t get into much trouble as it seems David just joked about the critical mistake.

“You have a new show,” Ronan said, “It’s a reimagined version of a much-loved fairy tale.

“It’s called… erm… Hansel and Gretel: After Ever After.”

It sounded like his words got mixed up but he said it was due to the complexity of the title.

David Ronan accused of not doing research



David continued the joke as he replied, “It’s okay, don’t worry. I know you’re not doing any research.”

The festive film also features Sheridan Smith.

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley also appeared on the show where he said his son loves David’s books.

Well, he said, “We’re not going to give any endings here, but I have a three-year-old revealing the ending of your last children’s book, Gangster Granny Strikes Again.”

The British Got Talent judge continued to joke with host Ronan when he responded to Tom: “He did his research. He didn’t get to 6.59.”

Then Ronan tried to fix it for his guest because he said he wanted David to be his father.

Ronan’s words got mixed up



But David said his remark was “strange” by saying that the reason Ronan looks so young is because he “has done a lot of work”.

Ronan recently opened when his four-year-old son Cooper was hospitalized.

Cooper had to go to A&E and then the hospital for two nights but fortunately now is on the mend.

In September when his son fell ill, the presenter had to forgo his usual spot on The One Show to sponsor Cooper.

At the time, he thanked the hospital staff in Chelsea and Westminster for helping his son.

He issued tips for other parents as he faces a new campaign with McDonald’s, and officially opened Evelina London’s Ronald McDonald House charity playground earlier in the week.

David and Ronan have known each other for years


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He took to Instagram to talk about the initiative where he wrote: “Yesterday I had the pleasure of opening a new playground made with recycled mcdonaldsuk Happy Meal toys at rmhcuk Evelina House in London. Ronald MacDonald charities are offering families across the UK free lodging” at home away from home”, allowing them to move minutes away from their poor child.

“As a parent, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have your children in hospital for extended periods of time, and it was touching to see the difference this free housing can make.”

He explained that McDonald’s has opened six playgrounds made of recycled Happy Meal toys, and this month has donated £250,000 to pay for families’ 10,000 nights’ stay.

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