During her visit to the immigrant camp on Samos, Valerie Pecres praised the “model” of “firmness” and “humanity”

“model development” : Valerie Becresse, Saturday 15 January, went to the Samos migrant camp in Greece. She saw in flawless containers and secure fences a ” Example “ for politics“humanity” Based on “Package” She advocates immigration.

Arrived at the end of the morning at the camp that opened at the end of September on this island off the Turkish coast, the candidate Les Republic (LR) for the presidential election was explained at length by the Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Migration. , Manos Logothetis, Biology Workflow and Access to This Triangular Barbed Wire Fenced Structure.

‘More comfort’ but ‘less freedom’

Security gates with digital identification and turnstiles at the entrance, exit times between 8 am and 8 pm, a holding area for rejected asylum seekers … Security measures are strict, criticized by NGOs, who are concerned about attacks on freedom of movement.

Valerie Pecres bragged to the land that was swept away by the cold wind “A model that combines firmness and the courage to say no” And “At the same time the humanity of reception conditions” the cars “There are schools for children, very tight security, and real comfort”, unlike the slums of Vathy where the migrants were once crowded.

Canteens, playgrounds and facilities ranging from WiFi to laundries, as well as rooms installed in white enclosures: “It’s more comfortable but there is less freedom”, explains Philip, a volunteer, who reports problems “Psychological health”. population “They can move if they have the permits and they are in the process of applying for asylum. When they arrive they don’t, when they are denied too.“,” Marc-Antoine Pinault, of the Asia League, reassured.

Asylum seekers hold placards as Valeri Bekris visits a migrant camp in Samos, Greece, January 15, 2022.

As the candidate passed by, dozens of Somali protesters raised banners that read in English, “Stop the arrest » or “refugee freedom matters”. “It’s a concentration camp just like Guantanamo.”, a protester fired, while Valerie Pacris, 100 meters away, talks to police.

“There is something to do here. When you lose your card, we call here Ausweiss-You can not do anything. Even an animal is released sometimes! », Brici, a Cameroonian, called a land torn and devoid of any vegetation, before adding: “It is more insulting than disgusting.”


MI Pécresse, who has a very assertive project on sovereignty, insists: We cannot have a sieve in Europe, a supermarket in Europe where we enter and leave in an uncontrollable way. » And if you refute the term “Castle” assure him: “There is no great power without respect for borders.”

While the number of illegal immigrants, according to Frontex, returned in 2021 to pre-pandemic levels, the Samos camp is “A role model” For the proud candidate “A model in terms of efficiency, having made it possible to divide the flow of illegal immigrants passing through Greece by eight”. The cost is high – 43 million euros – but “much less than that caused by the slums that are in our cities”, Says Valerie Pecres, according to who “We have to generalize what’s going on here.”.

In the field of immigration, which is privileged by far-right candidates Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, Valerie Pecres, who met Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday, deals with Emmanuel Macron who He wanted to put dust under the rug..

Surrounded by Eric Ciutti and Michel Barnier, also an LR candidate “European Border Countries Alliance”, between them “Strengthening Cooperation”. It supports the request of European countries EU funding for barbed wire walls that allow arrivals to converge at authorized crossing points. the cars “The wall is not the solution, but it could be the answer”, Emphasizes.

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