Eclair Surf claims Classic success with brave Warwick display | Racing News

Eclair Surf put on a superb residency performance to lead its rivals to the ground at the Agetur UK Ltd Classic Handicap Chase in Warwick.

The eight-year-old was given a daring, daring ride by Tom Bellamy, with trainer Emma LaVelle achieving a second success in this endurance test over three miles and five glutes after Shotgun Paddy in 2014.

Eclair Surf (11-1) jumped well, making only one foul at the 22nd fence, and never seemed to stop.

Chirico Vallis kept company, but Eclair Surf walked away before turning home to score 13 runs.

7-2 favorite Jericho Rock couldn’t get close enough to compete and almost got booked for second place with Chirico Vallis’ crowd (33-1). The heaviest weight Korach Rambler overtook the defeated horses to finish fourth.

Laville said: “He was supposed to go to Cheltenham on New Years Day and I was so frustrated when he came off the field lame and couldn’t go.

“Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long for this race. We know he can sprint, but jumping has always been a problem.

“Actually, he’s a good jumper but he’s always able to tie belts to him. He keeps Tom on his toes, that’s for sure.

“With that in mind, I don’t think he’s a National Horse, certainly not this year, but he could be one of the Scottish Nationals. He needs a little bit of oomph and this race is earlier this year.

“We won this with Shotgun Paddy and it was our first major handicap win and Barry (Fenton, partner) has become very emotional. He has done a lot of work with this boy as well, so it will mean a lot.

“He’s a trick horse, so it’s a really big ‘thank you’ to Barry. His ability was never in doubt, he just had what he wanted to do with shockwave. I knew Tom wanted to come in handy today and that was a good idea.”

It’s the first special race that Lavelle and Bellamy have won since they joined the team, and the coach was full of praise for her jockey.

“Tom is a huge team player which is great for us and when he rides, yes he thinks of the day, but he also thinks of the next day and the day after,” Laville said.

“It’s doing well and going in the right direction.”

For Bellamy it was a notable success.

“It means a lot, it’s definitely the biggest win we have together, a handicap of £100,000,” he said.

“I wanted to be positive and see where we ended up. At one point he almost ran away with me, which wasn’t ideal during this trip, but he stayed up well.

“I’m sure he just loves the elusive jump to keep me on my toes, but apart from one today, he jumped really well. It was a pleasure.”

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