Feature Request- Locked switch on Buy/Sell Floating Order Window in Kite Web – #14 by Abhishek_Srivastava – Zerodha platforms – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

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Hello! Wishing you a Happy and Enjoyable New Year to the whole team.

This is the beauty of the TradingQNA platform by building synergies between users, the company and product idea leadership.

Thank you for enabling the sticky order window idea. This has completely changed the execution ability to the next level.

There are some suggestions as requests, the first of which is Improved keyboard shortcut implementation:

  1. Once the sticky command window is enabled in the profile settings, the buy and sell toggle must be toggled by pressing the B and S keys on the keyboard.

As of now, every time you have to press Esc key->B key->Esc key->S key to launch the command window, which is against the purpose of the static command window.

Yes, after pressing the B/S hotkeys, one can toggle the switch by moving the mouse pointer, but it doesn’t feel that intuitive. Since it also requires you to use your mouse pointer again for the point in the quantity box, to re-enable the enter key for final buy/sell.

Enabling this tiny little improvement would be great to implement for keyboard guys. : little_smile_face:

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