Govt mandates 6 Air bags in every vehicle (carrying upto 8 passengers.) – #2 by MarginCaller – Industry Insights – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

I’d normally be really wary of regulation that alters free market rates in any way, but in this form I think it’s a very good move.

India is the road accident capital of the world, we are already driving like crazy with no concern for human life.

An average of 450,000 accidents occur in India annually, in which 150,000 people die. That’s one death every 4 minutes. Even without taking into account the number of severely disabled people and the decline in quality of life after these accidents. Add up these numbers over the years and you’ll find that COVID pales in comparison to the damage to life and property.

Airbags have been shown in every test ever performed to reduce deaths by at least 50%. This number improves when paired with seat belts, resulting in a 64% reduction in fatalities.

What about the drivers? Well, they ride bikes for a reason anyway.

If the Indians are not driving correctly, then it makes sense that he will hit them hard with the organizational hammer and save them from themselves. What good is technology if it doesn’t do what it was invented for?

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