Great British Bake Off fans say Crystelle’s focaccia caused her to lose Channel 4 show’s crown

Great British Bake Off fans are convinced Crystelle Pereira lost the Channel 4 show due to her soggy, baked fougasse.

In the tense final, Giuseppe Dell’Anno was crowned the winner of the 2021 Bake Off, beating Crystelle and ‘Chigs’ Chirag for the title.

Viewers insisted that Crystelle, who is the youngest finalist to date, was on the verge of securing the iconic title until she lost her breadth in the challenge, the Hatter’s Tea Party challenge. crazy.

One fan tweeted: “I think Crystelle could have won it without the uncooked focaccia.”

GBBO fans say Crystelle's soggy focaccia caused him to lose Channel 4's crown
GBBO fans say Crystelle’s soggy focaccia caused him to lose Channel 4’s crown

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Another was in despair: “Uh oh … Cristalle’s focaccia is raw … it may have cost him dearly.” “

A third added: “I thought Crystelle had everything packed up to this focaccia mess, now I don’t know.”

The 26-year-old pastry chef was having a great week, winning the Belgian bun technical challenge and delighting judges, Paul Hollywood and Dame Prue Leith, with her delicious flavor combinations.

Before the decisive challenge, Paul even commented that Crystelle was slightly ahead of the other two contestants after her performance in the biting final.

As the judges savored her Mad Hatter’s impressive tea party, they commented on the amazing flavors of the other items, before spotting the raw focaccia.

GBBO fans say Crystelle's soggy focaccia caused him to lose Channel 4's crown
Fans were sure the youngest finalist would win the title until she served raw focaccia

In sheer confusion, Crystal apologized and said, “I don’t know what happened, it’s weird.”

Prue Leith called the colossal mistake a “shame,” because the rest of the show was a vibrant tribute to Alice in Wonderland and, most importantly, delicious.

Crystelle continued, “Obviously I’m focusing on the negatives, but that was a big negative in there. I’m just baffled, how did that happen to my damn foccacia?”

A Bake Off fan tweeted: “I thought they were setting up #Crystelle for the win, but maybe she threw it in with that focaccia.”

GBBO fans say Crystelle's soggy focaccia caused him to lose Channel 4's crown
Crystelle narrowly missed the title as Giuseppe received the iconic title

Another echoed: “They each had mistakes and highs, but I think Crystelle’s focaccia cost him the title.”

Although she didn’t win the crown, Crystelle squealed with joy when Giuseppe’s name was called out as the 12th baker to win the beloved pastry competition.

In a moving statement, while hugging her huge bouquet of flowers, Crystelle exclaimed, “I’m so happy for Giuseppe, I’m getting emotional.

“He’s an amazing guy, so genuine, he’s an amazing baker, his family is going to be so proud of him.”

Even though Giuseppe’s skills were the key to his success, some fans have suggested that his secret victory was due to him kissing Mr. Spactula after the other two refused.

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