It’s Called Integrity – Staff Message of the Day

At some point, Senators Joe Manchin and Christine Senema will return to the generalization by many far-right Republicans or conservatives. They will be reprimanded for supporting some liberal policies or siding with fellow Democrats on a cause Republicans don’t like.

Certainly, many members of the Democratic Party will not forget what they view as treasonous or treacherous acts that have deprived President Biden of his most controversial and questionable legislation.

But if you look at what Mansion and Cinema continue to do despite pressure from the media and those consumed by political sentiment, you’ll appreciate it no matter which party you belong to.

These two senators continue to make decisions with their constituents and the American people in mind, refusing to change positions due to peer pressure.

While Washington continues to look more like the middle school popularity contest, it’s nice to see the adults who voted to represent them behave like adults.

Integrity isn’t a common trait on the Capitol anymore. It’s like seeing an endangered species.

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