JOY OF GIVING BACK – Bramesh’s Technical Analysis

The Joy of Giving – Bramish Technical Analysis
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There is a breakfast point near our factory.

We often go there for breakfast and there is a lot of rush.

I have often noticed that a person comes and takes advantage of the crowd and after eating secretly leaves without paying.

One day while he was eating, she secretly informed the owner of the breakfast point that this brother would take advantage of the rush and leave without paying the bill.

Listening to me, the breakfast owner started to smile and told me to let him go without saying anything to him.. and that we will talk about it later.

As usual, after having breakfast, the brother looked around and quietly tapped into the crowd.

After he left now I asked the owner of the breakfast to tell me why he let the man go.. why did he ignore this man’s action???

The answer given by the owner of the breakfast point lit up all fourteen of my layers.

Tell me you are not alone, many brothers have noticed him and told me about him.

He said he sits in front of the shop and when he sees it’s crowded he sneaks in and eats.

I always ignored him and never stopped him.. I never caught him and never tried to disrespect him.

Because I think the crowd in my store is due to this brother’s prayer….

He was sitting in front of my store and praying that if there was a rush in that store, I could quickly get in and eat and leave…….

And there will always be a rush when it comes.

I do not want to pray for my misfortune to cut my leg in the matter of this prayer and to accept his prayer between him and the Divine.

I will always ignore this and I will always let him eat and I will never respect him by holding him!!!

Dua makes everything possible.

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