Kanye West Goes After Pete Davidson In New Rap ‘Eazy’

The hip-hop star dropped a new track, “Eazy,” at midnight Friday with rapper The Game, which includes a letter to Davidson.

“God saved me from this accident/Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” says West, who recently changed his name to Yi, referring to a car accident in the past.

We also sang it here in a teaser for the song:

Davidson wasn’t the only one to have huge success with new music. Yi referred to his “best divorce ever”, the “Boogie and Unruly” clan, having bought the house next door to Kardashian West, apparently arguing about his mental health. “Tell me about my arrogance/No more advice, ‘I don’t negotiate with therapists,’” rap.

The game seemed to soften the blow with a message before the track, saying, “Life must be passionate for everyone; we choose to hold it for ourselves and others. Change your perspective and change the world.”

No word yet from Davidson on this lyric.


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