Kite 3 Plugin for auto trading

Good evening.

I’m Balachander Rajagopalan, new to this forum. I read your post above and went through the video. I followed this guy’s instructions step by step, created my identity etc.
When I tried to launch my first instance, in Step 7: Instant launch for review, I keep getting this following message and can’t proceed any further.

Improve the security of your instance. Your own security suite, run Wizard-2 open to the world.

Your instance can probably be accessed from any IP address. We recommend that you update the security group rules to allow access from only a known IP address. You can also open additional ports in your security suite to make it easier to access the application or service you’re running, such as HTTP (80) from web servers. Edit the security group. “

I only have working knowledge of the IT field so I was completely lost after that.

I would be grateful for any help anyone who reads my post can provide.

thank you In advance.

Balachander Rajagopalan

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