Kliff Kingsbury and Matthew Stafford both facing pressure for poor finish

Heat ah ah ah ah ON!

Heat ah ah ah ah ON!
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If the cardinals to be beaten The Lions, Arizona are going to be the NFC Western champions now. Let me repeat that… if the cards are turbulent He hits 1-11-1 Lions, they will be the NFC West Champions!

If the cards to be beaten The Panthers (although they should have done it without Kyler Murray), they would be the NFC West Champs for now.

If the cards to be beaten Seahawks, they’ll be NFC West Champs now.

What do all these games have in common? These were all second-half competitions against the mediocre teams that follow Nothing to be played for that saw the Cardinals properly defeated with three possessions each. This is the kind of thing that costs coaches their jobs.

When the Rams defeated the Cardinals in Week 14, the Cardinals remained top of the division. With four matches remaining, the total number of the other four card contenders was 31-36-1. The Rams’ opponents combined to set a record 33-35. The Cardinals went 1-3. The Rams went 3-1. Ironically, the Cardinals’ only win in that period was against the Dallas Cowboys, the only team they had faced in the final stage.

And now, just because it’s the team’s first playoff game since 2015, fans are supposed to be thankful for Cliff Kingsbury for making it?

I don’t buy it.

Kingsbury’s lackluster playing plans and poor preparation in the final month of the regular season cost the Cardinals a division title, and fans have every right to be upset about that.

Since Kingsbury became Technical Director of Texas Tech stumbled at the end seasons. In 2013, after the beginning of the year 7-0, the Reds lost Kingsbury five times in a row before defeating No. 16 in Arizona at the Holiday Bowl.

In 2014, they lost four of their last five after starting 3-4.

In 2015, they lost four of their last six after starting the match with a 5-2 score.

In 2016, he lost six of his last eight after starting 3-1.

In 2017, he lost six of his last eight after starting 4-1.

In 2018, they lost five in a row after starting 5-2.

In 2019, after becoming the head coach for the Arizona Cardinals, Kingsbury lost seven of his last nine after starting 3-3-1.

In 2020, he lost five of his last seven after starting 6-3.

Now, in 2021, why is it so surprising that he lost four of his last five after starting 10-2?

This style defined Kingsbury’s career as head coach everywhere he went. It starts hot, then fades faster than a hawk Fans smile after she mentioned “28-3”.

Now, Kingsbury has a chance to regain the confidence of his fan base by defeating Sean McVay, against whom Kingsbury scored 1-5, lest Kingsbury feel his seat is too warm. This is tremendous pressure, but it is not a pressure like Ramez’s He will face quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Just think about what’s at stake for Stafford here. Rams won a playoff with Jared Goff last season. They reached the Super Bowl with Jared Goff three years ago. Now, the Rams’ Super Bowl hopes lie on the man whose inability to win the playoffs has defined his career up to this point. After all the Rams gave him up to get Stafford, if he can’t win a playoff it will look as if the Rams have moved backwards by trading in his favour. The team expected to return to the Super Bowl competition with Stafford at the helm, And if they can’t go further than they did a season ago? This is a bad look for rams Quarterback.

When Kelly Stafford makes public pleas ask the rams Fans are not selling tickets to the Cardinals fans for fear of rams Players are unable to hear her husband number, you know there is a problem. She, like her husband, is probably nervous as hell in this game. Stafford has everything he ever wants In Detroit at hand now: A great coach, strong defense, a more capable O-line, and a star receiving corps, so he’s probably looking for every advantage he can prove to be worthy of the King’s ransom the Rams gave up. for him. Loss indicates the opposite.

Kingsbury must feel some pressure, yes, but the cardinal’s epic meltdown this year wasn’t entirely his fault. For one, receiving star DeAndre Hopkins miss The team’s last four games of the regular season due to MCL’s foot. With Hopkins playing this year, the Cardinal ranked first in the NFL in yards per passing attempt (8.8) and third in EPA per game (0.21). Without Hopkins, the team is 16 yards per attempt (7.0) and 24 in EPA (0.0).

Not to mention, the team’s offensive line has been a major concern throughout the season, with Kingsbury and OC Vance Joseph having to put up nine different O-line combinations throughout the season due to COVID and other concerns. injuries. It wasn’t until weeks 15-17 when the expected pre-season starters actually saw the pitch. At the same time, start processing left D.c. Humphreys allowed 23 pressings in his last four games this year after only allowing 19 presses per game. Before games game this chapter. While part of this poor protection could be put on Kingsbury and Kingsbury for not planning better for the games, Humphries definitely need to be better.

There are plenty of areas in which Kingsbury deserves criticism. For example, choosing Zaven Collins in the first round was expected to be an immediate impact player for the Cardinals. defense. In fact, only 20.6 percent of the Defensive snaps. Kingsbury plays a big role in deciding who the Cardinals pick in the draft, and after one season that seems like a pretty bad decision (but hey, it happens; ask any Giants fan and they’ll tell you). However, based on the number of infections and COVID problems that Arizona has been experiencing on a regular basis In season, the Cardinals’ year-end breakdown looks more shocking than anything else.

Even if the Cardinals lose, Kingsbury likely deserves another shot to prove he can finish the season strong. For Stafford, the Rams are in a winning position now, and they can’t afford to be finished with no draft in the two rounds of the upcoming draft. This is a must for Stafford if there is one.


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