LaMelo Ball throws crazy alley-oop, Hornets still lose to Magic

LaMelo Ball made an amazing pass between the legs.

LaMelo Ball made an amazing pass between the legs.
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Maybe LaMelo Ball wanted to get some ink from his brother Lonzo It was? The young player made one of the Plays of the Year Friday night, twisting a pass and then racing down the field, where instead of going for an easy throw or throwing a dunk, he knitted the ball between his legs, then passed to Miles Bridges for Oops Alley.

Unfortunately, the NBA doesn’t award points for style, so this jam only counted for two, and the Hornets 109 finished to last in Magic 116, ending Orlando’s 10-game losing streak.

That makes Team Magic, who have won only two home games, seven on the road this season. That’s the same number of winnings on the road as the Lakers and Clippers. Sure, Orlando’s 20 losses on the road are about as many as two Los Angeles teams combined, but it’s still pretty surprising that the worst team in the NBA has three and a half times as many on the road as at home.

The ball scored 23 points and eight assists, but it was -13 on the night. As for Lonzo, he was -22 in the Bulls’ 138-96 loss to Golden State — the second straight game that Eastern Chicago has given up 138 at home. The Bulls, 138-112, also lost to the net on Wednesday.

And if you’re wondering, no. 138-96, not a file NBA Skorigami. Timberwolves 138, Grizzlies 95 was one earlier this season, 136-96 or 138-94 would have been, but 138-96 was made by: 76ers beat Celtics on October 29, 1966, and recently, the Nuggets commented that score Over Kevin Durant and Super Sonic on February 27, 2008, a match in which Allen Iverson scored 31 points and Carmelo Anthony scored 16 points.


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