Linklaters narrows gender pay gap

Racial pay gaps and bonuses are improving too

Linklaters is the first of the Magic Circle companies to publish the latest gender pay gap numbers – a mean result of 61.9% and median of 33.6%, including partners.

These numbers represent a narrowing from last year’s results of 62.9% (median) and 39.5% (median).

Taking their high-income partners out of the equation, the median and median gaps drop to 18.8% and 34.5%, respectively. The bonus gap for 2021, again excluding partners, is 50.3% (median) and 51.7% (median).

Looking at UK partners only, the median gap widened to 13.1% from 10.4% in 2020, while the average gap narrowed to 20.5% from 23.7% in 2020.

“We are moving in the right direction, but we are not yet where we want or need to be,” said Idamar Komsky, one of the senior partners. “I want Linklaters to stand out as a law firm with the best minds in the business from truly diverse backgrounds, and contribute different perspectives to solving the complex challenges our clients face on a global scale. Being an inclusive and diverse firm is at the core of that.”

Linklaters aims to have at least 40% of women in their new partner elections each year. This target has been increased in 2021 from 30%.

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The company also published racial pay gap figures, revealing an overall UK partner presence of 36.5%. The median is -0.1%. Last year’s results were 34.6% (median) and 4.9% (median).

Taking partners out of the equation, Linklaters’ median and ethnic wage gaps appear at 6.4% and -22.4%, respectively. The race bonus salary gap, again excluding partners, is 22.9% (median) and -11.5% (median).

“Our racial pay and bonus gaps have improved both on the median basis and, significantly, at the company level—with black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals advancing through the company and occupying senior positions,” the report says. “However, while the numbers have improved, we still have seriously underrepresented black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals at the highest levels of our company. This is not good enough and we have to do better.”

Just under a quarter (24%) of Linklaters employees in the UK are black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME), based on a disclosure rate of 84%.

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