Liverpool fans welcome Steven Gerrard back to Anfield with clear message

The Reds legend returned to his former club when he took his side Aston Villa to Anfield on Saturday afternoon, and was met with a rousing reception from the local team’s fans.

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Jurgen Klopp reviews the Aston Villa match

Liverpool fans gave Steven Gerrard a hero’s welcome when he returned to Anfield with Aston Villa.

Former Reds captain Gerrard was at the opposition training center at Anfield for the first time as he faced Jurgen Klopp’s Villa men, and the former England midfielder’s support was palpable.

After the Villa team marched onto the pitch amid a silent reception, Gerrard emerged from the Anfield tunnel to thunderous applause.

Liverpool fans largely resisted the urge to sing Gerrard’s name, and instead shouted ‘Liverpool’ as they made it clear that their focus was on their team and not their former champion.

Speaking before the match, Gerrard insisted he wouldn’t let the opportunity get to him.

Gerrard came out of the tunnel and shook hands with Klopp



“If I’m on the bus to Birmingham and I’m not the most famous at Anfield, so be it,” Gerrard said.

“The hype is for others to get excited, for me it’s about preparing the team in the best way possible to try and get a positive result for Aston Villa,” Gerrard said of his return to Anfield.

“Everyone on that court will know me well enough to know who I am and what I’m going for at Anfield.

“I’m going back to the club where I’ve spent so many years and that brings a smile to my face for a number of reasons.

“First of all, I have a good relationship with a lot of people at the club. I had a great time there, really good trip, I am a local boy.

“It was the team that I supported growing up and I will always support this team.

“But at the same time it has a smile on my face because I have a chance to go out there and compete against a good team and a good manager and try to win the match. That is my only focus.”

The Reds boss said he feels it is inevitable that Gerrard will manage Liverpool at some point.

“Yes, I think, sure,” Klopp said.

The only problem is when is the right moment for that? We saw it with Frank [Lampard] in Chelsea. he [Gerrard] It does really well but it’s too small from a manager’s point of view.

“What is the right moment to take on a manager’s job? Not because he can’t do it but how long do you want to do it? Is it the last job you want to do? The second job? These are questions I can do” t answer.

“But yeah, I think it’s definitely going to happen – and that’s a good thing for everyone.”

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