Man City vs Chelsea LIVE: Sarr starts and Dias dropped – Premier League latest score and goals

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Chelsea players warm up before kick-off


Chelsea head to Manchester City for their first Premier League game on Saturday, realizing that they realistically need a win to bring the title race wide open. Pep Guardiola’s side have been tough in the league as of late and have opened a 10-point lead between him and the Blues, so there’s not much pressure on City to give their all to win.

However, they could really exercise their dominance and prove one point in last year’s Champions League final if they take the match over to Thomas Tuchel’s side and win to increase their lead at the top.

In the middle of the week, Chelsea, in the Carabao Cup semi-final victory over Tottenham, to book a place at Wembley and wait for either Liverpool or Arsenal. By contrast, City have had more than a week to recover since their FA Cup third-round victory over Swindon. They have won seven consecutive times in all competitions and 14 of the last 15, an impressive streak of performances that has them looking at another league title. Follow all the updates from Man City vs Chelsea below:


Man City vs Chelsea

Here comes the difference. Although he won’t admit it, Thomas Tuchel will know his Chelsea side need a win today to keep the Premier League title race alive.

Manchester City are in great shape and will want to get three points to take the difference from the top of the table to 13. Kevin De Bruyne leads the hosts.

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Man City vs Chelsea

Jorginho has scored 13 Premier League goals since the start of last season, more than any other Chelsea player. All of them were penalties.

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Manchester City vs Chelsea: Tuchel on winning the Premier League

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has said the Blues’ hopes of winning the Premier League this season may end if they lose to Man City today, but he is focused on doing well. He said before the match started:

Maybe who knows.

“We don’t think too much about scenarios – what happens if – to play the game. I’m always in a good fight, but I’m always very realistic.

“The situation right now is that they are very strong, very consistent and performing at an all-time high.”

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Manchester City vs Chelsea: Lukaku looking forward to a big achievement

Romelu Lukaku is two goals shy of 200 league goals. However, he has only scored four times in 15 Premier League matches against Manchester City.

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Man City vs Chelsea: Manchester City, Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku and why I was wrong to sign a striker

It was a basic math, really. In the same way that two plus two equals four, a nearly impregnable defense plus a prolific striker with 20 goals a season equals a title-winning side.

Two Premier League teams found themselves stuck on the first side of that equation last summer. Both had one of the best defenses in Europe but lacked a player who would regularly convert at the other end. Both intend to do something about it during the transfer window. One could do it, the other tried and couldn’t.

So in this case, why the team is he did not do Spending £97.5m on a striker sitting at the top of the table, 10 points and eight goals behind the person who did it?

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Man City vs Chelsea

Pep Guardiola lost eight games as coach against Chelsea, more than any other team, but Chelsea’s victory in the Etihad last season is Thomas Tuchel’s only victory in six league encounters against Guardiola.

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Man City vs Chelsea: Tuchel on Kante and Kovacic

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel spoke about the importance of Mateo Kovacic and N’Golo Kante in the starting line-up and how they and Jorginho are pushing the rest of the team to improve. He said:

If you have overseas players like Mathieu [Kovacic] and we go [Kante], and they share their work with Jorginho at the highest level in the middle of the field, and then you miss the essence of your team.

“They are very important in the way they come into training, the way they push everyone and the way they are positive. The key players, the top players, they act the same way every day. No matter if they have to rest in one game, or if they have Personal disagreements, or if they have to fight, their experience and attitude is correct.They know what it takes to constantly overperform.

“They push everyone to the limits because they push themselves all the time to the limits. NG does this without words. He does it by example, and makes everyone see what the standard is. Cova does it with words, attitudes and a lot of empathy. There is so much like this.”

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Man City vs Chelsea

Chelsea have lost points in seven of their last 11 league matches, turning their five-point lead over Manchester City into a 10-point deficit.

Even more worryingly, they have kept just two clean sheets in 11 Premier League games after a run of seven in their first 10 matches.

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Man City vs Chelsea

Manchester City have won 11 consecutive matches in the Premier League. Preston only won 1891-92 and Liverpool in 2013-14 in 11 or more matches in a row and they didn’t go on to win the First Division title.

Pep Guardiola’s team started last year with 18 consecutive wins in all competitions, not losing until March 7.

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Manchester City vs Chelsea: Pep Guardiola responded to Thomas Tuchel because of the luck of Covid

Ahead of Chelsea’s visit to the Etihad at lunchtime on Saturday, Tuchel said the “biggest difference” between his team and City is that the champions “have dealt better with injuries and the Covid situation”.

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