Man wrongly detained over Khashoggi speaks of treatment by French security forces

A man wrongfully imprisoned in connection with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi described his treatment at the hands of French security forces.

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Saudi citizen Khaled Al-Otaibi spoke of the “dirty” conditions in which he was held after his arrest at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Tuesday.

“They held me in a filthy, bloodied room, where I could neither rest nor sleep,” Al-Otaibi told Saudi newspaper Okaz.

Shortly after Al-Otaibi’s arrest, the Saudi embassy issued a statement saying it was a case of mistaken identity.

Al-Otaibi names a man listed in a UN report as being involved in the Khashoggi murder.

He said that after his arrest, he asked the authorities to allow him to contact the Saudi embassy, ​​but he was unsuccessful.

“However, I was able to contact my friend, who in turn called the embassy, ​​which answered directly, as its staff were looking for me,” he said.

Al-Otaibi managed to get his mobile phone back and eventually received a call from the embassy.

He said that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia and other embassy officials came to the detention center immediately, but security officials did not allow him to meet with them.

Talking about his treatment by the security forces, he said, “They didn’t even give me any chance to speak, and all of their answers were in French.

“Later, an Arabic-speaking lawyer explained to me that I was being held in connection with a murder case.”

He said that the security men mocked and mocked him when he was arrested.

When they showed me a picture of a person and asked about him, I answered that I knew nothing about him. “The person in the picture is not me, and his name is different from mine,” he told Okaz.

Prosecutors said the checks showed that the arrest warrant issued by Turkey did not apply to the man. Earlier, a police source said he was detained when scanning his passport triggered an alert.

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