Meghan Markle latest news – Prince Harry slammed as a ‘candyass’ & Meg’s budget salad claims squashed by dad Thomas

You call yourself a man of the people Prince Harry?

This is the ParticipateSouvenir piece by Ulrika Jonsson

Oh dear, Harry. May it be increasingly cold, lonely and repulsive to sit there, and raise your fine moral horse.

As you roam the fields of gold and enlightenment leads you to the promised land of endorsement and brand representation, you stop every now and then to look at us mere mortals and share with us your special crumbs of wisdom.

But you still have to feel bad. What a great life to have.

But your last words of advice fell short of someone who had hoped to be a man of the people.

Advising people stuck in jobs that don’t bring them happiness to quit smoking is not just careless and reckless, but it’s also another sign of how completely detached you are from reality.

My disappointment is clear. Among all the royals, you have always shown a glimmer of humility and vulnerability. And your acceptance of a fluctuating mental health made you endearing to me.

Yet hearing an elite and distinguished Eton-educated man speak from his £11m California mansion that ‘quitting work should be celebrated’ is unforgivably irresponsible.

Harry, you’re too far from calling. You’re so detached and confused that it would be funny if that weren’t worrisome.

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