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Meghan’s dad urges her to ‘come forward’ re Andrew rape claim

MEGHAN Markle’s dad has urged her to speak to US law enforcement if she “knows anything” about Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s claim she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Meghan’s dad Thomas said: “Quite honestly, I feel that if Meghan knows anything about this, she should speak to law enforcement in the States.

“I know she has had some dealings with Andrew, of course she has, and if she has been to any events or venues he has, she needs to speak out.

“She has no right to refuse to do so, really.

“I understand that Andrew’s reputation is damaging to the royal family.

“If she knows anything and has been involved in Andrew’s circle in any way, shape or form, it’s her duty to speak about it.

“She’s not exempt from this because she’s a Duchess.

“In fact by leaving the UK and taking her prince with her she gave up the right to be a Duchess.”

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