Monkey gangs ‘hooked on sugary drinks’ rampage through town mugging tourists for food & belongings in reign of terror

Gangs of ‘sugar-addicted’ monkeys are rampant in a Thai town robbing tourists for food and their possessions in a new wave of terror.

Thousands of untamed monkeys roam the streets and terrorize visitors in the tourist hotspot of Lopburi.


Rabid monkeys were berserk through Lopburi to rob locals and touristsCredit: ViralPress
Outlaw monkeys have flooded city streets since Thailand reopened to tourists


Outlaw monkeys have flooded city streets since Thailand reopened to touristsCredit: ViralPress
Lopburi is famous for its huge population of monkeys which attracts tourists from all over the world


Lopburi is famous for its huge population of monkeys which attracts tourists from all over the worldCredit: ViralPress

The city, located 90 miles north of the capital, Bangkok, is famous for its massive population of monkeys, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

And since Thailand reopened its doors to vacationers in November, outlaw monkeys have flooded the city’s streets.

The primates were causing havoc by climbing on people, stealing glasses from tourists, and running through cars.

To make matters worse, the gangs feast on sugary sweets from the locals because they believe the animals bring good luck to the area.

The monkeys used to miss snacks from visitors, but the demons now gobble up hundreds of bananas and liquid drinks every day.

A video taken earlier this week shows the animals wreaking havoc as they roam around the Old Town.

Locals can be seen handing out plastic tubes filled with syrup and sugar, which the monkeys suck on to dry before picking up bananas from another man.

The creatures display a complete lack of fear for humans which means they exhibit very daring behavior – climbing through the windshields of moving cars and jumping over people in the street.

It is also said that rival gangs of monkeys control their territory, which led to clashes breaking out when the two groups met in the street.

One of the monkeys lives in a nearby ruined temple and the other in an abandoned cinema.

In March 2020, monkeys amazingly battled with leftovers.

The brazen fighting in the middle of the street blocked traffic for four minutes before one group was ejected.

“I could hear them shouting. Then they ran to the road and started wrestling,” local Khun Itifat said at the time.

Vet Supakarn Kaewchot said: “They used to be fed by tourists. With the tourists gone, they became more and more aggressive.

They are invading buildings and forcing people to flee their homes.”

And in February of last year, dozens of monkeys seized a school swimming pool and searched boxes for food.

Many creatures gather around an ancient Buddhist temple, but they have also taken over the cinema, forcing the previous owner to leave and shut down the business.

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Government officials tried to control the financial community to no avail.

In 2020, large numbers of monkeys were sterilized after their numbers spiraled out of control during the Covid lockdown, as well-meaning locals fed them sugary drinks.

Tear-to-eye photos show unconscious primates lying on operating tables in Thailand while vets carefully give sex-obsessed males the snip.

Thung Tale Wildlife Conservation Officer Suwat Suksiri led a team of veterinarians to capture the boisterous primates.

“We had to neutralize the monkeys because the residents said that the increase in the number of wild monkeys means more problems and conflicts between them,” he said.

But the locals think the monkeys are lucky and hold a festival for them annually.

Environment official Narongporn Daudum said the ministry has a long-term plan to build a safe haven in another part of the city.

But the plans likely met with resistance from some residents who did not want the monkeys to live near them.

Wildlife across Thailand is a strong magnet for the 35 million tourists who visit each year and make up about 20 percent of its economy.

Street monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand


Street monkeys in Lopburi, Thailandcredit: Getty
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