Morocco vs Comoros LIVE: Stream, score, TV channel, teams

Morocco continues this afternoon’s Africa Cup of Nations challenge against Comoros.

Sofiane Boufal scored the only goal of the match as Morocco kicked off their CAN campaign with a 1-0 victory over Ghana.

While Comoros lost their opening match 1-0 to Gabon.

Gabon will relay against Ghana this afternoon to complete the Group C matches.

  • TV/Live: The main event in Sky Sports, Football
  • Eleventh Morocco: Bono, Aguerd, S Amrabat, Masina, Hakimi, Louza, Saiss, Amallah, Boufal, Tissoudali, El Kaabi
  • Eleventh Comoros: Ben Buena, Youssef, Abdullah, Abdo, Youssef, Madhouma, Machangama, Bakari, Soleimani, Bashir, Ben Nabohan

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  • Morocco 2 Comoros 0

    93. Despite this late goal being conceded, Ben Buena should be the man of the match here.

    This was a lot of fun to watch in the second half because of the Comoros shot stopper.

  • Morocco 2 Comoros 0

    90. The VAR decision is too slow to give the goal at the end.

    It looked like an offside, the referee was asked to go and look at the screen and then gave the goal.

    Very close to calling this one.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    88. When Abu Khalil kicks the ball into the net, the assistant referee raises his flag and it looks like the player made his move too soon.

  • Goooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll….

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    87. This would be a blow to Morocco if it concedes in these closing moments.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    84. Al Kaabi cleans it one-on-one with the guard.

    He tries to take the ball around him but Ben Buena saves the ball again!

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    83- Justice is the station.

    Ben Buena didn’t deserve to be beaten in this second half.

    Man performance match here.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    81. Hard times for the Comoros goalkeeper.

    He goes out to close the wing touching the ball around the goalkeeper, leaving the only option for the goalkeeper to drop him.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    78. That was a great period of playing.

    In this second half, Ben Buena was in goal for the Comoros as Neo in the Matrix.

    Nothing passes.

    Even his defenders are trying to put him in his way.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    77. Ben Buena bends over.

    The goalkeeper makes a series of five consecutive saves on the line.


  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    76. Hakimi takes a free kick from 30 yards.

    His effort forces Ben Buena to rescue Kamel.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    73. Great save from Ben Buena!

    Morocco seems unable to put this game to bed.

    The Comoros goalkeeper saves a point blank to keep his team in this.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    71. The ball is squared back to Amal Allah on the edge of the penalty area, the player whose width is inches from the post.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    69. The quality of the set pieces by both teams is lacking today.

    Often they don’t beat the first man, so few runners in the penalty area, they need to work on this before they start meeting some of the bigger teams.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    68. Corner of Morocco.

    The ball was drilled in but no runners in the near corner and it’s an easy head clearance for the Comoros.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    66. Did the Comoros get enough juice in the tank to go to Morocco in the last half hour of this match?

    The longer Morocco fails to put an end to this game, this glimmer of hope remains for their opponents.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    61. It is a shame that the camera does not focus on Morocco coach Vahid Halilhodzic when his team has clear chances.

    He does not hide his disappointment with his team’s poor finishing as another water bottle is placed on the running track surrounding the stadium.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    58. As the match approached, Comoros seemed to be getting more defensive pressure.

    It looks like they’ve been six and seven in the box for the past ten minutes.

    Al Kaabi was found on the edge of the six-yard area but his header is very poor and his head is wide.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    55. How is it still only 1-0 that Tsudale really knows.

    He brilliantly rotates the marks before digging the ball into the face of the goal.

    Bouval lets him know what he’s thinking as he waits for a cut for what will surely be Morocco’s second goal.

  • Morocco 1 Comoros 0

    54. It seems that Morocco stuck in our minds about attacking the second goal or controlling the match and making sure that the Comoros did not inhale the goal.

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