Obscure roofing company’s lawsuit against Jaguars is ludicrous

Show the clown is right.

Show the clown is right.
clarification: stock struggle

Jacksonville Jaguars were a joke long before this season. They have had the playoffs seven times in their 27-year history, and four of them were in the first five seasons of their existence. This season will be the Jaguars’ fifth in the past six years they have finished last in the South Asian Championships, which in itself is not the strength division of the NFL.

Jaguar’s two biggest contributions to American culture are the source of ridicule on NBC good place and Jimmy Smith Roll, A intense fear smoked salmon roll Available in a several From the finest Jacksonville Emporia Sushi… And also in Dumfries, Virginia, for some reason.

So, no, RoofClaim.com, which is sue Jaguar To get out of a sponsorship deal, it has no case that the team breached its contract “by exposing the Roofclaim.com brand to a toxic marketing environment that would cause irreparable harm.”

When you agree to pay $600,000 a year to ensure your company gets a big show at a Jaguars game, it’s perfectly reasonable that your game is the one where your fans appear dressed as clowns…why. Getting a clown game is much better than getting Guy grabbing his dick in the pool game or Fully dressed woman in swimming pool A game or anything that includes the damn pool, really.

Which RoofClaim.com Speaking here, the company that willingly sponsors the Boca Raton Bowl, a game that this season had the luck of being where Western Kentucky’s Bailey Zappe marked FBS’s one-season pass. landing record, but what would have been some kind of college bowl game that was nothing more than jokes.

That could be RoofClaim.com sues Jaguar in an attempt to Streisand effect Itself? maybe. After all, no one will talk about a second-tier roofing company sponsoring the last game of the season for the worst team in the NFL if they don’t go to court to try it out, clowns or no clowns.

If so, consider attorneys’ fees a better investment than a Jaguar primary care, because now a lot of people know about it. RoofClaim.com and theirs commitment To bring transparency, trust and efficiency to the roofing industry, whatever that means.

And look for several members of the current Jaguars roster to install roofs in the greater Jacksonville area next year, because they’re clearly not affiliated with the NFL.


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