Ollie Pope slammed for “poor batting” by Ricky Ponting as England collapse in Ashes

Ole Pop came out 14th in the fifth Ashes Test and Australia legend Ricky Ponting was critical of the way he came out.

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Former Australia captain Ricky Bunting delivered a harsh assessment of Ole Pop’s sacking at the first England tour in Hobart.

Bob was called up for this audition after a thumb injury sustained by Johnny Birstow during a previous audition led to his disqualification.

However, the 24-year-old failed to make the most of his chance, falling behind Scott Boland for 14 years after playing a ball that could have left England 110-6.

Ponting described the Pope’s sacking as “absolutely nothing” and noted that he had “fallen into a very simple trap”.

Speaking on Channel Seven, Ponting said: “This is a poor hit. Let’s take a look at how wide that is. There is no need for him to push that ball at all.”

Olly Pop was arrested for 14 in the fifth Ashes test


Mark Colby – California/Cricket Australia via Getty Images

“This is just a shot for absolutely nothing. It’s a defensive push for the ball that’s almost on the sixth stem.

“You’re not going to score from him, all you’re going to do is pass that on to Carrie, and that’s what he did.

“Oli Baba, you can shake your head as much as you want, but it’s your fault young man. What on earth are you doing there?”

“There was a bit of overtaking earlier, he knows what Boland is trying to do. He just fell into a very simple trap.

“everyone [Pope’s] Done was presented to Alex Carey with one of the easiest accomplishments he would ever have in his pilot career.”

Speaking on the BBC Test Match Special, England sprinter Alex Hartley criticized Bob’s sacking.

Former Australia captain Ricky Bunting has given a harsh assessment of Bob’s sacking


Philip Brown/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

“The Pope is driving a ball he didn’t need to,” she said. “It was wide and off the torso. He didn’t need to play it which is why he got frustrated and hit the bat.”

Bob has struggled at The Ashes so far, managing just 62 in five rounds with an average of 12.40.

The youngster is very talented but hasn’t been in great shape in Test cricket recently, scoring 368 points with an average of 21.64 last year.

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