Question – gtx550ti 6gb vs gtx1050 2gb

Hi, I hope someone can give me some advice regarding the gtx550ti 6gb.
My friends son just bought his first computer on a budget.[هس]Only 15 so didn’t have a lot of money to spend and the unit so it was a pretty low spec.
My question is – I’ve been searching online for a cheap upgrade for his graphics card (as he has very little money to spend and is really frustrated with the performance of the gtx 1050 2GB)
I came across the gtx550ti 6gb for £100 but I can’t find any benchmarks for the 6GB version, it seems they are all for the 1GB and 2GB versions.
First, is this an original graphics card or an overclocked scam and would it be an improvement over the gtx1050 since it has 4GB more RAM?

Here is a link for the graphics card on eBay so you can see the specifications

Hope it’s good to post the link as a reference and I’m not trying to sell anything

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