Rita Ora, 31, admits freezing her eggs was the ‘best thing’ she ever did

Singer Rita Ora has spoken about the process of freezing her eggs saying it was the “best thing” she’s ever done at the age of 24 and then again at 27.

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Rita Ora dancing with Taika Waititi at the Budapest event

Singer Rita Ora has opened up about freezing her eggs, saying it was the “best” thing she’s ever done.

The star froze her eggs at 24 and again at 27 to secure her future of being able to start a family after getting advice from a doctor.

She spoke to The Independent as she explained how it works and why she made the decision to go ahead with it.

Rita said she would love to have a “big, nice family” and in the culture of Kosovo, where she was born, having children is important.

She said she found that women pressure themselves to make it happen because they feel that being a mother is their “duty.”

And the singer added, “And I think that as women, we put this pressure on ourselves, subconsciously, because we feel like it’s our duty – to create and give life. So, I just wanted to not worry about that. And I didn’t ‘afterwards,’ and it was the best thing I ever did.” .

Rita Ora opens up about freezing her eggs


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Rita froze her eggs when she was 24 and then frozen again at 27



The star opened up about her romance with producer boyfriend Taika Waititi, 46, after meeting them in Australia in April of this year.

The couple met while Rita was filming The Voice earlier in the year.

She admitted that she was not looking for love when she met her new boyfriend and now wants to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Rita admitted that in the past she was “trusting” too much which led to over-sharing, and now she thinks it’s important to have a “sense of privacy”.

Taika is said to be working on several futuristic films including Thor: Love and Thunder.

Their relationship seems to be moving quickly because they have already mentioned marriage.

Taika was married to film producer Chelsea Winstanley before separating in 2018.

Taika and Rita appeared on the red carpet for the first time at the premiere of The Suicide Squad


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They also have two daughters together, Te Henkau and Matiwa Kiritapu.

Rita and Taika made it official by making their red carpet debut at the premiere of The Suicide Squad in Los Angeles at the beginning of August.

The RIP singer was touched when she was caught violating UK covid guidelines.

November 2020 saw Rita attend a private party on her 30th birthday at Casa Cruz in London.

They were reportedly paid £5,000 to reopen at night in addition to being asked to turn off CCTV, according to police.

Police described the event as “one of the most egregious and infamous breaches of the lockdown”.

I met Rita Taika earlier this year


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Rita was supposed to be in self-isolation at the time for 14 days after returning from work in Egypt, but has since described it as a “grave and unforgivable error in judgment”.

She said it was “incredibly embarrassing” and still is.

Finding it hard to talk about, she said she wished she had made a different choice that night.

However, she understands the backlash she received when others were making sacrifices, saying she had “let them down”.

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