Rivals100 RB Trevor Etienne picks Florida

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San Antonio Louisiana has always been home to Trevor Etienne, but due to his strong family ties to Gainesville, he became the second talented Etienne playmaker to walk out of the state.

Florida coach for the first year Billy Napier He made his old ground debut at The Boot, earning a commitment from a four-star comeback from Jennings (Los Angeles) High School in southwest Louisiana. LSU and Clemson were other finalists to recruit the Rivals100.

Etienne, the runner-up for all-purpose in the country, has favored Georgia, LSU, Clemson and even the Gators at various stages of his enlistment. Clemson was best known for beating tigers in the state for his brother in 2017, but those close to the family thought Trevor might be more inclined to stay close to home. Florida emerged as another potential destination once the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted their brother in the first round of May’s draft. Former Florida assistant Greg Knox, who recruited Travis to Mississippi, laid a solid foundation for the new, waning Napier and Gators Jabbar Golok for strong closure.

in his words

“I’d go to a lot of Louisiana games to see the coach (Billy) Napier And I love the way he manages his attack and what he can do to change this program. This was a win for me.”

“Change is essential to success. Athletic coach (mighty) July And I got to know each other through my brother Travis. He was around the house and stayed put while enlisting, and in Louisiana, we stayed in touch and talked for a while. We have continued to build that relationship. Coach Knox and I had a great relationship, but coach Gulluk and I also have a great relationship.”

“The way he (Napier) used the tight end and managed the ball… In SEC you have to be strong and physically. Coach Napier has a great work ethic. He got it in Louisiana and if you move to Florida then great things will come.”

The family told me to go wherever I wanted to go; It was my decision. If I was swinging, then they were rolling. Florida is family friendly, but that was my decision in the end.”

Competitors’ reaction

Younger brother of Travis Etienne’s first-round pick, Trevor has a similar skill set at a 5-foot-9, 212-pound shell. The dynamic linebacker, who has proven his home runs as a sprinter and as a passer, lifted Jennings to the Class 3A state championship game as a sophomore before capturing the Louisiana All-State Honor in 2020-21.

Over the past two seasons, Etienne has amassed over 3,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. As a senior, he scored rushing goals, as a return and passing specialist. The Rivals100 all-purpose back capped his stellar career in southwest Louisiana with a 2,000-yard dash with 30 touchdowns; Three more in the second leg and two more passes.

There are no documented track times for the Etienne, but he is a skilled runner who is compact with electric speed outward and enough power to go long distances. It’s a proven commodity in a scrolling game and it’s abundant in space whether it’s after hunting or as a return. Being the focus of his offense in high school, Etienne was rarely able to slow down. After multiple game reviews, the Rivals’ camp and week-long All-American Bowl Etienne continued to build on his track record of showing off well in 1 on 1 and his penchant for playing on the open field.

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