Salaried Individual income tax ITR filing – Taxation – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

welcome all,

Apologies for the duplicate question…

So this is the first time I fill in the international call log and I get very confused

My source of income is: salary (form 16) and capital gains (long and short term)

My investment in LIC, ELSS, NPS and one healthy thing

So my query is also correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. What ITR do I need to fill in (I think it’s ITR-2)?
  2. If I use Quicko and fill out an ITR-2 form, what are the fees (it looks like ITR-1 is free)?
  3. If I use Quicko, is an account created in incometax (official government website) where my documents will be available when they are needed?
  4. If I use incometax (official government website), how do I need to upload my investment (Capital Gains and Form-16) i.e. is it automated or do I need to fill in all things manually??

Thank you all

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