Serb ‘had VALID MEDICAL EXEMPTION’, court decision will be FINAL, Australian Open draw

A soft-spoken coach speaks after being deported

A non-vaccinated tennis coach said he was deported from Australia due to Novak Djokovic’s situation.

Filip Serdarusic commented: “On the day Novak Djokovic arrived, at 10pm, they called me from the immigration center to come for an interview the next day.

“I went to a hotel in Melbourne, spoke to the players and had two options: go home legally or apply for a visa again.

“Since the 99 percent would turn it down because they decided it was no longer worth it to be lying around, I decided to bring myself, because I’m not the size of Novak to fight. If they stopped him, they had to stop us.

I will only say: when we applied for a visa, we had to fulfill the conditions. Neither Novak nor I came except, we worked by their rules and were allowed in.

Djokovic, Serdarusic and Renata Vorakova, the Czech player who was deported after spending a week in Australia, are the only unvaccinated Melbourne players and coaches, according to Sasa Uzmo of Sport Club.

Cerdarusic accused Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison of playing politics ahead of this year’s elections.

He said: “Hu [Djokovic] It is perfect for that before the election, it seems to me.

“If they let the Qiqi and I go, why didn’t they let him go?

“I think the Tennis Aussie was hoping he’d come in like us, but everyone knows him.

“If it weren’t for Novak, this wouldn’t have happened to us.”

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