Short Penalty applied with no clear explaintion why.. Lack of transperancy – #32 by DS1567 – General – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

I am very disappointed with what has happened in the ecosystem of SEBI, NSE and brokers. It looks like a link. You guys are enjoying profits at the expense of retailers. This margin was the responsibility of the broker initially, they are supposed to do all the risk management, and the risk managers are supposed to ensure that clients take positions within their profit margins.

Now they decided one day to stop doing any risk management and now let the SEBI impose penalties (with the rules, though distributed, made the task of trading complicated now). It is easy to be advised not to gamble, not to trade, not to drink or not to smoke, but brokers have escaped the task of risk management, and these retailers are charged with unnecessary and avoidable margin fines. Over intraday peak margins are the worst form of penalty collection, they are totally insane, cruel and greedy.

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