Small Business Grants for New and Experienced Owners Now Available

It takes resources to build the skills to run a business.

Creating a business plan, training employees, and building a strong foundation takes time, effort, and sometimes money.

Fortunately, grant programs and competitions can help some aspiring entrepreneurs through the startup phase. There are also opportunities for seasoned business owners who are looking to move past current challenges.

Grants Available to New Small Business Owners

Check out these small business giving opportunities for new owners and some for experienced ones as well.

Texas Skills for Small Business Owners

Training new employees requires resources that many small businesses struggle to afford. However, the Texas Skills for Small Business Employers Program provides grants to help companies get the most out of new hires. The program offers up to $1,800 for each new employee and up to $900 for training existing employees. This is an ongoing program so interested companies with less than 100 employees are encouraged to apply online.

Starting New York! Business Plan Competition 2022

New York Startup founders can submit their business plans for a chance to win $15,000 in funding. The New York Public Library hosts this competition annually. It is open to businesses in Manhattan, the Bronx, or Staten Island. In addition, the business must be in the start-up stage and have received less than $10,000 in financing. The first prize is $15,000, with a runner-up prize of $7,500. The application deadline is January 31st.

IRC Community Navigator Pilot Program

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) recently received a $5 million grant from the US Small Business Administration. It’s part of the department’s two-year Community Navigator Pilot. During this time, the IRC will work with community partners from Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa and Utah. The goal is to support diverse small business owners, especially those with refugee or immigrant backgrounds. The program will support up to 3,000 companies by providing advice, technical support, funding, and access assistance.

Richland County COVID-19 Small Business Relief Scholarship

Small businesses in Richland County, South Carolina, have a new opportunity to get back the money they lost during the pandemic. The District’s COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grant Program offers up to $15,000 in recoverable expenses. To qualify, companies must have 50 or fewer employees and have experienced a loss due to the pandemic. The Richland County Office of Small Business Opportunities and Community Planning administers applications. Companies are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Massachusetts Provincial COVID Recovery Scholarship for Small Business

Small businesses in Agawam and Southwick, MA can still apply for the COVID Regional Small Business Recovery Scholarship. The program offers up to $25,000 in funds to make up for lost income during the pandemic. To qualify, companies must have five or fewer employees, prove revenue loss, and determine how the money will be used. The regional program originally started in November 2020 and has expanded to several cities. However, everyone has since given away all of their grant money except Agawam and Southwick. The two cities share a $350,000 fund to help eligible businesses. The application deadline is December 15th.


The Phoenix City Council just appropriated $8 million in US Rescue Plan money for the PHXbizGrants program. Grants are for small and micro businesses with no more than 25 employees. Amounts range from $3,000 to $15,000. Companies in low-income areas may qualify for additional funds. Grants can be used for operating costs such as payroll, rent, utilities, and inventory. To qualify, companies must be located in Phoenix, have at least a year in business, and show a 25 percent revenue loss due to the pandemic. Applications are due by April 15th. But the program may close sooner if all funds are awarded.

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