Kelly Brook Celebrated her 42nd Birthday with her Boyfriend at Quaglino’s

english model Kelly brook celebrated her 42nd birthday on Saturday at the Quaglino restaurant with her boyfriend, model and actor Jeremy Parisi in London. Kelly wore a very short long sleeve jumpsuit for her special day. The model showed off her amazing legs in a super cropped black jumpsuit with sequins, black stockings and wedge … Read more

My Grandmother Keeps on Telling Me About My Cousin's New Boyfriend. How Do I Tell Her I Don't Care?

She’s been walking around for 15 minutes around her new cousin’s friend, around the camp the NS serves, what kind of house his family lives in, how often he visits his cousin etc. Moi notch eben is interested, but doesn’t know how to tell her to stop talking about him politely

What It Was Like to Play Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Movie Boyfriend

Of course, MK&A had a lot of people working with and for them and Wagner described him as “an amazing machine”. Thorne, their manager, helped develop the film, delivering “very specific things” that he wanted to see in the story, Wagner said, such as a private jet, a yacht, and the shift from a colder … Read more