Climate change literacy lessons from Africa — ScienceDaily

Tackling the climate crisis will require large-scale cooperation, but to achieve this, people need to know what specific challenges lie ahead and how to best move forward. Across the world, people are facing the effects of the climate crisis, yet many remain unsure how to address it, and even if they can address it. Researchers … Read more

Climate projections should not stop at year 2100 — ScienceDaily

To fully understand and plan for climate impacts under any scenario, researchers and policymakers must look beyond the 2100 standard. Unless CO2 Emissions drop dramatically, global warming by the year 2500 will make the Amazon rainforest, the tropical American Midwest, and India too hot to live in, according to a team of international scientists. “We … Read more

Expansion of wind and solar power too slow to stop climate change — ScienceDaily

Renewable energy production is increasing every year. But after analyzing the growth rates of wind and solar energy in 60 countries, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Lund University in Sweden and Central European University in Vienna, Austria, conclude that almost no country is moving fast enough to avoid global warming of 1.5°C or even … Read more

Humans caused climate change — ScienceDaily

More than 99.9% of peer-reviewed scientific papers agree that climate change is mainly caused by humans, according to a new survey of 88,125 climate-related studies. The research updates a similar 2013 paper revealing that 97% of studies published between 1991 and 2012 supported the idea that human activities are changing the Earth’s climate. The current … Read more

Climate change affects animal behavior — ScienceDaily

Humans are shaping environments at an accelerating rate. In fact, one of the most important current topics of research is the ability of animals to adapt to human-induced environmental changes and how this change affects the expression of animal traits. With the help of data collected on just over a hundred animal species, researchers from … Read more

Scientists part of team that points to strong connection between climate change, plastics pollution — ScienceDaily

When a major hurricane causes storm surges and torrential rain, the storm washes trash from the ground into our rivers and coasts, University of Rhode Island researchers Andrew Davis and Colin Sockling say. Among the items being transported is plastic, a ubiquitous consumer item found in many products and packaging. The problem is that plastic … Read more

Historical analysis finds no precedent for the rate of coal and gas power decline needed to limit climate change to 1.5°C — ScienceDaily

Limiting climate change to the 1.5°C target set by the Paris climate agreement would likely require coal and gas energy use to decline at rates unprecedented for any large country, an analysis of the decadal shifts of declines in fossil fuels in 105 countries between 1960 and 2018 shows. So, the results were published October … Read more

A collaborative study looks at how changing climate conditions might be affecting the taste, aroma, and overall quality of coffee — ScienceDaily

Whether you prefer notes of berries and citruses or chocolate and nuts, or a dark or light roast, a good cup of coffee can be a simple pleasure. You’ll probably notice if some of the brightness of your morning drink has disappeared, or if the familiar fruity scent is a little faint. Such changes may … Read more

As Climate Litigation Heats Up, More Cos. Face Liability Risk

By Reza Zargami, Amanda Halter and Eric Moorman (November 24, 2021, 3:46pm EST) – Climate change litigation has become a global phenomenon. Scientists, agencies, and the general public are increasingly linking wildfires, droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, and other events with climate change. In the United States, plaintiffs sought recoveries for damages allegedly caused by … Read more

Tackle Climate Change With Capital Rules, Campaigners Urge

By Najia Boudali (November 24, 2021, 2:33 pm GMT) – Financial institutions must be governed by stricter capital rules to help prevent a potential crisis caused by climate change, claiming that regulatory action so far on mitigating extreme weather risks is not enough. In a report, Finance Watch said prudential rule reforms in Europe are … Read more