Question – What generation of Intel CPUs has support Intel Bridge Technology?

I found that my PC was out of operation for a Windows 11 upgrade due to several factors: 1. The CPU must be Intel certified 8th generation (AMD similar generation). 2. Even if it passes the CPU, you need a software-based TPM or TPM 2.0. I just hope MS forgets about TPM 2.0 requirements. Not … Read more

Question – Sanity check before I scrap this old PC for parts please!

Specifications: Venom II X2550ASUS M4A78T-E (latest BIOS)RAM: 2x2GB DDR3-1333 (try a spare set of known good modules too)SSD: Tried two (Original: Samsung 870 EVO, Samsung 850 PRO)PSU: Tried two (Original: Corsair VX 450, Corsair CX430)GFX: Tried two (Original: GeForce 8400GS, plus integrated graphics)OS: Win10, multiple clean installsConvert SATA cable to SSD This computer was owned … Read more

Question – For the minor miners out there – ‘’. [HobbyistMiner][YT]

So trade your minor mining “money” for gift cards. Buying games with “dollar” value associated with micro-mining money With the mentioned micro-mining, which is lower than micro-mining, it was not simple mining, they can find a way to make more money with small-mining money, but because they are a minor, they sell cheap ass, mining … Read more

Wiring question

I have a switch and a wired outlet like that. port Not switched and do not want to be switched. The switch controls the bathroom lamp. I have a new GFCI with the diagram at the bottom. Can I use this GFCI and achieve the same functionality with the switch that controls the light while … Read more

Adele quips ‘most of my exes can’t do daily tasks’ after cheeky question from pal Alan Carr

The singing sensation Adele popped up on our screens tonight with her highly anticipated audience with Adele, to celebrate the release of her new album, 30, which fans have called the best yet. Adele invited the audience to ask her questions, and among the celebrities who rose to ask was her close friend Alan Carr. … Read more