The 10 Best Paying Degrees in the World

The higher the level of your education, the greater your potential earnings. Not necessarily. A Master’s degree from one field will earn a college student much more than a Master’s diploma in a different field. Selecting a field of study that is not just one you are interested in and is in significant demand can result in greater future earnings. What fields of study offer the greatest earnings potential ?

1. Engineering

Engineering is the most paying

The engineering degree you earn earns the highest beginning wage. Engineers are needed across various fields, making engineers important to a variety of industries. If you are an engineer with a Master’s or Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, you could make $3.4 million or higher over your entire life. This is approximately $2.2 million higher than someone who has only a high school degree.

Engineering-related careers that require a degree that pays the highest possible salary include:

  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Computer
  • Environmental
  • Mathematical
  • Electrical

Graduates can anticipate starting salaries of $61,000-$69,000 annually in the above-mentioned fields.

A Master’s in Petroleum Engineering will make your contribution to the market, and the starting salary will rise significantly. When you are at the entry-level within this industry, one could be expecting an income of around $102,000.

2. Nursing

Nursing is for everyone

The need for registered nurses is increasing due to nurses are required to be registered as the Affordable Healthcare Act enters full force. Nurses are employed in all areas of healthcare and frequently act as liaisons between patients and doctors.
The top 10% registered nurses earn at least $94,000 annually. You could make a decent living on this amount however, advancing your education an extra step to becoming a nurse practitioner can allow you to live comfortably even at the entry stage.

You fulfill some of the same tasks in the role of a registered nurse being a primary care doctor for patients. Nurse practitioners typically work in clinics and are supervised by a medical professional. It is possible to earn a beginning pay of $96,460 as a Nurse Practitioner.